Initial Exchange Offering

The latest and most advanced model of fundraising for crypto projects

IEO is the new way of attracting investment which has been steadily gaining more attention and popularity lately. This strategy allows the exchanges to become the counterparty in the entire token launching process. The tokens are distributed to the investors by the exchanges, which enables the projects to fundraise on the platform, thereby ensuring your asset security in a more centralized and direct manner.

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Compared to ICO, IEO is offering various benefits to project developers

  • It eliminates many tedious elements of ICO, such as KYC process, Creation of Investor Dashboard and Transaction Commissions.
  • The project can utilize existing user base of crypto exchange, thereby allowing more people to participate in crowdfunding.
  • The crypto exchanges ensuring the credibility of the projects. As such, the process itself eliminates the possibility for investors to lose money to scammers.
  • The exchanges provide marketing for the projects.
  • As the tokens get directly listed on the exchanges, the companies can interact with investors right away and trade their stock instantly.

At Crypterius we are offering project audit and consultancy as well as the full IEO submit service, which includes investment and legal framework preparation, negotiation with exchanges and further listing on platforms of your choice.

We are working with the major exchanges


We offer a variety of crypto exchanges, from small to the most established ones; we will select the most suitable platforms depending on the type and needs of your business. After reviewing your project, we will help you pick the best options and lead you through the process, ensuring that your project will be presented to exchanges as genuine and worthy.

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