Airdrop is a strategy which helps blockchain startups to promote the project.

It is a free distribution of small amount of tokens to the project’s community members in two ways: simply for free or for completing a small task, thereby raising the awareness for the project. Airdrop helps to form the core of the project’s first users, as it turns them into a long-term user community after the public sale.

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Airdrop campaign is a great tool with the help of which you can legally assemble a database of crypto users at a relatively low price. Indeed, airdrop campaigns usually collect all customer data that can be obtained in exchange for a few tokens. Some projects offer further reward for sharing information about your project in their social media profiles or in the communities. By doing so, project can ensure leads from the early adopters and increase their loyalty through continuous investment. As such, it becomes a great step for creating a sustainable community and is essential to build your token economy.

Crypterius provides you with assistance at any stage of the project, as such, there are two main types of airdrop strategies: distribution in the form of a “surprise” and promotional event, which is previously widely announced in the media. Apart from that, we offer a variety of other promotional strategies to create a comprehensive marketing campaign (from bounty campaign to the solutions that exclusively tailored to your project).

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